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PIN Genie Smart Lock Review- The Gadgeteer

Leslie Hosmer  a security product blogger of  The Gadgeteer reviewed PIN Genie Smart Lock PGD728 (Peek-proof Bluetooth enabled model) for her front door.  

"I absolutely love this lock. I think the satin nickel finish would look a lot better on my door, but other than that I think the design is wonderful. The Bluetooth range is excellent, it’s easy and convenient to use and I enjoy knowing that anytime I want to allow someone to have access to the home, I can give it to them whether I am there or not. The battery seems to last a long time because, after a month of usage, it hasn’t dropped a bit. I’m still not quite sure if the alarm feature sensitivity is a problem because my door fits loosely, or there really isn’t much difference in the settings.  Regardless, I would highly recommend this lock to those with rental property or offices that need to be accessed by different people at different times.  You’ll be able to track who is coming and going and have comfort knowing that your property is secure, yet available at all times." 

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