World's First Peep proof and Hidden Camera proof Smart Lock

Safer and Better

Keyless Experience

Spare your hands for treasuring things with PIN Genie

Start to host on Airbnb

PIN Genie has made your Airbnb host experience better than ever

PGD 728: PIN Genie Pro - Bluetooth Smart Lock with Remote e-key

PIN Genie Smart Lock Pro turns your mobile phone to your key  your home! The e-key can be shared, so Airbnb host will no longer need to wait for guests and tenants. They can pair and get into the house upon arrival.

With the globally patented PIN Genie PIN Pad, you always fell safe to enter your passwords without worrying about PIN being stolen by unwanted users.

PGD 718: PIN Genie Smart Lock Essential

Enjoy the keyless and secure your e-Key with PIN Genie Smart Lock!

PIN Genie Smart Lock provides two ways of locking / unlocking the door to accommodate each person's lifestyle, which include passwords and physical keys. 


PGD 718: PIN Genie Smart Lock Essential - Touchscreen Deadbolt with Alarm and Highly Secure PIN pad
  • Invisibility

    Peep-Proof & Hidden Camera-Proof

  • Keyless

    Turn the smart phone to your Key of your home

  • Monitor

    Temporary Guests Codes

  • Lightening Fast Installation

    D.I.Y install in 3 minutes

PGD 728: PIN Genie Pro - Bluetooth Enabled Touchscreen Deadbolt with Alarm and Highly Secure PIN pad
  • Alert

    Built-in 120dB Alert

  • Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Connection

  • Safe Mode

    At home safe mode

  • Family Share

    Assign Up to 8 PIN Codes to Family Members

How PIN Genie Works


As it said,  it made my Airbnb host experience easier than ever! I can grant access to my guests anywhere anytime without worrying about keys being stolen or duplicated!

I have purchased since it was launched on Kickstarter! I am impressed by their PIN Pad design! I’s definitely the most secure PIN authorize method I have found! Worth of 16 global Patents!

 have had my lock for over a week and so far it has been a fantastic experience! It has worked perfectly! It took me only less than 5 minutes to finish the installation and setup. I like the high quality finish of it, which matches my door perfectly. The design is unique! Keep up the great work PIN Genie!

I installed my new PIN Genie Smart Lock on my door to the garage yesterday. It looked really great! The installation was easy and the instructions were easy to follow. It is very easy to assign different passwords to everyone of my family. We all love how cool the unique invisible PIN is! I can also send a temp PIN to our cleaner that only works at scheduled hours. I've been looking for a smart lock like this for a long time and I am super pleased with it, not to mention that the lock looks really great! I am thinking of buying another one for our vacation home. Keep up the good work!

Absolutely 5 stars for PIN Genie Smart Lock. I did quite a bit of research before I backed this project on Kickstarter. It works amazingly well and I have to say it exceeds my expectations. I am able to install it easily. The unique pin pad is just genius and works like a dream. I am using their PIN Genie Locker for my Samsung phone too. They are just fantastic.